Антон Макаров - Circles In The Water : Текст, слова песни

When I was child I disallowed
A different colours in my mind
Lived right

I have found the place Where I can hide
From solar wind of southern sky
Blue House

I've moved aside and step inside
But ain't got nothing left behind

I saw the girl and super star
When they were playin' with eyes
Of glass

And then I sat down on the steps
I closed my ears with plastic wrap
So quiet

I tried to howl and tried to roar
But doctor said I'm not alone
So cold

I wish there were the settled rain
Like London's face that turned away
From me

In the eyes of night all will tear apart
Besides the news on TV line
Blue screen

I asked the girl with charming smile
Why you are here with super star?
She said

I've never lied, it's been so long
And I was lover of my God
And then

I looked at her and ran to home
Because she has started turn to stone
Oh yeah

And after all, I still believe
How wild it was, to let it be
No way

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