Алёна Винницкая - SUNRISE : Текст, слова песни

Get me on this dusty road
There are holes in my mind.
I am strengthened by these memories.
I have stumbled and fell down.

I have lost my navigation,
I am wandering by the lane.
Can this really be for real?
Can I really be awake?

Sunrise, better get it running,
Sunrise, burning and stunning
I fight, shadows are falling
By night voices are calling.

I’m not trying to be evil
I hear whispering my hell
Someone’s praying in the darkness
Someone’s finding all but us.

Fading picture lost its essence
It is nothing but the frame
Frosted lips are not embraces
Kisses sun is burning flame


Better get running,
Something is coming.
Better get going, better get going.

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