A Hope for Home — Tides : Текст, слова песни, видеоклип

Brother, we were so close like shoremen out to sea, sharing our hearts on decks carved from rotten trees. Brother, you found the Lord and set sail for different seas, leaving the crew to die, ignoring helpless pleas from lesser men. Brother, when doubt set in you set your ship ablaze, drowning the fools aboard for wanting to believe in something more than them Brother, you found a way to sever heart from limb- I wonder who’s hand you’ll seek when midnight storms set in. Brother, open your eyes. Because although we see things differently, your blood is red like mine. And at the end of all things coming, will we be washed of all our pride? Will we help each other swim, or be taken by the tides? Show me where your bones release. And tell me how you find your peace When every word you’ve spoken turns to knives You’ll tear the truth of men out from their eyes The storm is setting in As new rain starts to fall- The ship begins to lurch, Its speed becomes a crawl. The lower decks are filled With the ocean’s mighty wake Sails torn in the wind, The bow finally breaks. The sun is in your eyes with the helm still in your grasp, For when the depths embrace your stead, You’ll be alone at last

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