A Global Threat — A Global Threat : Текст, слова песни, видеоклип

i see you everday
on your way home from work
your feeling run down
in your slacks and company shirt
rotting in a cubical thats 5x4
i can't stand this fucking job anymore
a mindless puppet staring at the screen
so all this is the american dream
a ten hour day and a six day week
you've got no life, you let them control you

fuck the future live for now
who can you say there will be a tomorrow

with forty years gone
what do you have left?
you lost all respect through corporate theft you lent them your mind
and they sold your soul
your lifeis a waste now,
you're just another prole
it's never too late so just remember
you're not a person to them,
your just a number
you don't need the boss,
the boss needs you
tell him to fuck off your time is through

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