A Forest of Stars — Part IV : Текст, слова песни, видеоклип

Birthed across nowhere to ride the moon through phases.
Fazed in phases rolling nervous / lunar tick
patchwork cut and paste parchments to feed faith's guttering furnace.
A cracked clock face nervously ticking away the night.

Carbon back to carbon back to repetition upon repetition
Repeat. After me.

Are you a little lost, robot?
take my hand now,
let us remain astray.

No more invisible chains for this wolf, I can tell you.
Howling with the moon whilst riding its decline.
Waning not waxing, as ever.

Have you a penny to gird the carny man wasted among your secrets?
Tiring out cliché upon secret?

My hands are tied here; but the one mind is held by no head.
Heart leading that blind down bone-raw pathways.

Once we've devoured the sun and all is said and done,
no more paths to navigate; silence our cell mate
riding the whirling serpent across bleak skylines;

Watching as the final worm turns and turns and turns
...turns and turns.

There was light.

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