A Banquet — Siren, видеоклип

I am trapped between two walls that echo the siren's blare
I shudder to think over and over when I sense you in the air
I go insane when flashbacks break my neck and seal my room
With every thought of you, oh baby, my life turns into doom

I know it's you who burns my nights and ruins my memories
I know it's you who hunts for my heart and will never cease
I know it's you, your voice blasts my head and trashes my mind
I know it's you, you've always been one of a kind

I see your shapes on the wall - I know your moan behind the door
I feel your shades rip my soul, I know you are…

I would have never thought that I would be such a hit-or-miss
I'm so sorry for the things I've done but they should have happened just like this

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