Мои Ракеты Вверх - Annie : Текст, слова песни, видеоклип

Cold finger click makes a rhythm for a flow
You only know what you're hiding from a snow.
Don't chase it. Follow it. Think about a sunny shore.
Do believe in power of a nature! cause now it's ON.
Don't you think it's right? But what the fUck is on your mind tonight?
The ONLY thing that now belong, Damn it, I can't turn it OFF.
Completely filled with your voice that talking to me, it stuck in my head..
And it's rounding, it's rounding, rewinding.
I haven't notice you standing in front of me.
Blocked and solid I pretend I'm worried with your haircut
My heart is blowing up. I don't regret things that will happen next
We couldn't never change it

OOh fantasy we wanna dillers. Nation one saying. The big mum win.

I can't explain not a word I try
Cold in my breast keeps it deep inside
A smell of a green summer boulevard
If I can't explain not word I'll die.

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