Мариетта - Rainbow. : Текст, слова песни, видеоклип

I wake up to another sunny day
And there`s a rainbow in my soul.
To thank the lovely dawn I say a prayer
Just wishing peace for all the world.

But the news on my TV
Make me hate the things I see
And I wonder, can`t we live in love, can we?
How can it come that we forget the rainbow?
How can we wish for rain instead?
Why do we get tomorrow
To bring us pain and sorrow?
Today, please, don’t go wrong.
And I carry on

So many tintless people pass me by
I try to look inside their eyes.
I wish I taught their hearts the joy of flying
And brought out colours that they hide.

Paint in rainbow the whole Earth
From the South up to the North –
It`s a magic dream that makes my living worth
Let`s build the rainbow, let us start
The bridge of love from heart to heart.

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