ЗарницА - На Оби : Текст, слова песни, видеоклип

Слова: Юрий Ануфриев, Мария Маслова, Елена Капустинская, Антон Федотов
Музыка: ЗарницА

Reality is poisoned
This land is strewn with spines
We multiply the pain with every step
We go by touch in madness
Through the maze of darkness
We losing our faith and breaking bad

The fear, the tears and pain are
Civilizational beasts
The sun will come again,
But will be smoked in the east

We need to stop it now!
We need to stop it before the madness
And ask yourself about matters
That something mean to us for entire life
We need to stop it now!
We need to stop it before the falling
But our souls are fading out
We couldn't stop and crossed the line
And we cross it on and on!

Oh, Is it true, my Father?
The way should be another:
To live in the harmonious and happy world
But that’s what happened with us:
We just become the killers
And still continue fucking useless war!

Hellfire burning out
We see, the rivers of much blood
Why ha

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