Віктор Павлік - I saw my coming day (1994) : Текст, слова песни, видеоклип

I lost the way in my last forest I'd led in by the tricks of yesterday The drops of morning dew like memory and sadness I'm falling through my past, it's still alive, but breathless I saw my coming day My voice is blending into birds' sound Grim flaw will still not blaze'm out Like rider without steed, I'am holding useless saddle Like hope of wasted youth (?) burning like a candle The candle's dying out Easeless waves of my desire For staying here till I want Easeless ? thing makes me burn in fire And fire out for my shames, them wanna be alive // да и вообще обе эти строчки The wrong way is too long I lost the way in my own dreaming I'd try to ..., to be free To see what day of life unwinds with thoughts of ... To feel what moment of freedom without evil I'll find the next days keep

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